OLFA Corporation wanted to rebuild its official Polish website and was looking for a company that would manage this task.



DEV TYPE: Backend and Frontend

TECHNOLOGY: PHP (Phalcon), Backbone, Bootstrap

CLIENT: OLFA Corporation

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We have begun with a meeting with the client and a thorough recognition of his needs and business goals. The consultation process led to the final decision that NoGravity will prepare a new version of the site.
The website designed by us was to be an effective and attractive marketing and information tool. The client wanted to reach more recipients and improve the so-called user experience of using the website, which was to be translated automatically for a longer time, which the User will spend on Olfa.pl and increase the number of orders.
OLFA is a well-known brand with many years of experience and a wide offer that needed to be properly displayed and presented on the website, which was not a simple task, as it seemed. The client also expected modern solutions imposed on the existing foundations of the website. Together with the whole team, we were wondering what technology and what activities would be optimal for the client and allow him/her to achieve the goal, while not exceeding the budget and not overloading the site with unnecessary frills and functions.
On the basis of further consultations in which they participated, inter alia our business analyst, CTO and UX Designer, a page layout was created. It presented a modern, transparent, functional and having a friendly menu website, referring in its appearance to the tradition and professionalism OLFA is known for. The idea gained the acceptance of the client, who passed with us through each subsequent stage of production, from graphic and programming works, through development works, to final tests. Working on building a website was a real pleasure and a growing challenge for us.
Its effect is the official website of Olfa.pl, where Users can check not only a detailed offer of the company and view current promotions, but also learn about the history of the brand and see dedicated video materials. The site is fully responsive. The participation of, among others, webdevelopers, developers, graphic designers and SEO specialists who took care of the website to position itself well and attract potential customers. 
"NoGravity is a team of talented, open and diligent people who have entered into cooperation with our company with real enthusiasm. What I liked the most was that at the beginning I was presented with a clear vision of how the project should look. The right technology and the best solutions were proposed not only in terms of usability, but also finances. "




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