NoGravity is a team of experienced USA and polish developers with skills forged through the completion of many (not your everyday) projects. Having done this for over 10 years, you will not find phrases like "we can't do it" or "we don't know" in our vocabulary.

So what’s this all about? Well, development projects are typically divided into simple and minimally stimulating or difficult and substantially captivating. If your project is something that has not yet been done before, then you've come

We thrive working on challenging projects and are not afraid to take them on.

Our development motto has always been:

„Once you’ve reached the summit, designate another.”

Just as gravity limits the height of an upwards movement, so too the quality average companies deliver is limited by price.

With us however quality is never a constraint that is compromised. Some companies will want you to believe that when it comes to projects you can only choose 2 among the options of Speed, Quality, and Price. In other words, they want you to think that you

One of the fundamental elements of the universe is time.

It is time is that you can not turn back or recover. And this is reason meeting project deadlines is a fundamental element of NoGravity.

In business we rely on trust thanks to which we can act quickly and efficiently.

At NoGravity we believe that in order for our cooperation to be successful with our customer we have to base it on mutual trust. Thanks to this approach we have achieved 100% customer satisfaction and a 100% retention rate.