Internet of things

Pub Bear

PubBear consists of a mobile app, interactive DB, and Bluetooth sensors which together create an integrated sales and support tool for pub and restaurant owners.


CATEGORY: Internet of things

DEV TYPE: Android mobile app development, IOS mobile app development, API development, Design

TECHNOLOGY: BlueTooth (BLE) technology, IoT devices, CMS management, Big data analytics

CLIENT: Pubbear

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The Pub Bear project was designed to simplify communication within dining places. The product was supposed to shorten the service time for bar customers. Crowds in eating places during peak hours result in the pressure on staff and often means longer waiting time. The project assumed time optimization, more efficient staff management and easier and quicker settlement of payments.

The main aim of the project was an improvement and shortening of waiting time, additionally an increase of personnel efficiency and speeding up settlement of payments. Every client was supposed to have a possibility to order without waiting for a waiter or approaching the bar. Apart from ordering and payments clients would gain the access to some special in-app amusement, such as games and entertainment.

The system we designed allowed locating of the client and assigning him or her to a table, sending the order directly to the kitchen or the bar and mobile payment. For the waiting time the users have a wide range of games and a possibility to interact with other tables (e.g., 'shaker' – a function allowing to draw a random drink or ingredients for a drink simply by shaking your phone like a shaker; 'buy a drink' – the user can choose a table, pay directly for the chosen drink and even add a short message to be passed on by the waiter, etc.).




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