Virtual Reality

Poland in VR

The “Poland in VR” application is free to download in the Google Play shop. It is very easy to operate, while available language versions – in English and German – make it an ideal tool to promote Polish regions and attractions among foreign guests.


CATEGORY: Virtual Reality

DEV TYPE: Develop, design

TECHNOLOGY: Unity3D, IOS, Android, Web

CLIENT: NoGravity

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The application created in cooperation with Polish Tourists Organisation for promoting Poland. The application has several modes and is multilingual (English, German and Polish). The controls respond to the head movement, and the user can choose a mode in which he or she wants visit a particular place. There is also a random quiz in a game form allowing to guess the chosen locations and competition with the other playing users.

Poland in VR is a tool to both play and study. It transfers users to the virtual space of Polish cities, museums, viewpoints, parks, and natural reserves. It unveils the magic side of monuments and surprises with the beauty of Poland’s natural assets. The panorama review module serves for promotional purposes and is targeted at those tourists who have not learnt an attraction yet. The competition module enables players to experience exceptional emotions during a single round or competition above all else. This is also a unique opportunity to test your knowledge of Poland!




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